Building Management System Inspection and Test Plan


Inspection and test plan for Building management system – BMS is a document which clients, contractors and subcontractors use to first outline the type of inspections and tests, which will be conducted on management and monitoring works to ensure quality and minimize the chance of issues and defects – and then to sign off on these inspections with actual tests to adhere to the guidelines set out in the plan.

The ITP includes the next installation:

– BMS installation: wiring and DDC;

The document has divided per chronology activities:

  1. First part of ITP describes what you need to have of documentation;
  2. In the next part is mentioned procedure of delivery and storage materials.
  3. This field is intended for installation every segment of this system

The file is in excel format and instantly available after downloading. You only need to change project name, insert logo, and the document shall be ready for consultant/client.